Site Re-birth


During the Christmad period I lost everything that was on the original surgery for the soul site unfortunately but rather than mourn what is lost I have taken it as a blessing in disguise and a reason to wipe the slate clean, present myself with a blank canvas and begin my work with renewed vigour.

If you have just tuned in I am Jade. This is my 41st year on this interesting planet and after having survived numerous life catastrophes I was lucky enough to meet the most wonderful man I have ever met who has loved and supported me in everything that I do. So I begin this site with a dedication to him. David thank you for everything that you do you are my inspiration, my light in the darkness, my lover and my best friend and I could do any of this without you.

In between being a mother to three wonderful children I sometimes write… paint and create music. That is what you will find in these pages over the coming months. That said. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride!

JadeM 5th Jan 2016

Work in progress
Work in progress