Health, Healing and Awareness Day in the Carnegie in Workington 2016

What a wonderful day we had at our first Health, Healing and Awareness day. It was a great turnout and we met some lovely people.

Incense Making Workshop

At 1pm I held an introductory relaxation induction and meditation group using the Fool path working, an excerpt from the Soulscapes Tarot companion that I am writing at the moment and we talked about the process of meditation and breathing techniques, how to use meditation to deal with stress and anxiety, and how to create your own sacred space at home and the importance use of music in meditation and guided imagery.

Fool from the Soulscapes Tarot

Gareth did a fantastic job of the incense making which ended up being the most popular happening of the event.

Incense Making Workshop

health healing and awareness day

Helen held a fabulous goddess workshop towards the end of the day.

Goddess Workshop

The focus of the event was “Changing your life with small steps, from the inside out.” 

There were Reiki healing sessions going on all day and Craniosacral therapy, Astrological birth charts and information about Colour Healing. All in all it was a great start to promoting an awareness of alternative therapies,Astrology, healing and the side of the Tarot that is often neglected which is its use as a Spiritual Development tool and not just as a method  of divination.

We will definitely be planning another for next year so watch this space!


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