Spirit of the Drum

deerShamanic Healing

This summer has had and an interesting turn of events as far as Spiritual Development is concerned. I’ve always been a close follower of the Western Mystery Tradition and never really deviated from the path very far. There has been something niggling at me for a while, ever since meeting with “Elen” in the woods in Northern France.

Elon of the Ways

Not too far from where I live the River Ellen makes its way to the Sea in various places and little by little there have been coincidences and happenings that have led me along a different path to where I have been for the last 41 years. Shamanism was always an interest to me when I was younger but I never had the time or the inclination to go down that particular rabbit hole. I dabbled a little in Animal Medicine Cards in my early twenties and I am an open advocate of Psilocybin as a medicinal and spiritual cure for Depression. Over the last six months I have had lots of dreams and meditations that have had a calling towards exploration of Shamanic Healing and one of the tools of the Shaman is a drum. Being a long time musician I am fond of playing the drums as and when time permits but I’ve never used it as a tool for healing either for myself or others. After having begun my studies in ernest I have now started to paint the drum that I intend to use in my work. Deer Medicine seems to be very strong in our family now and in ancestral generations so I started there with the images and animal totems that I would be working with.  After painting the baby Deer on to the drum I had curled up on the sofa and had the most amazing dream of hiding under a bush and watching two young fawns frolicking about in the woodland. They noticed me hiding and were not afraid, even came over to sniff at my hand when I stretched it out to them in greeting.

The next image I am painting at the moment is my wise old Owl which made itself known to me in many ways, one of which was a dream omen when someone told me that I had an Owl inside of me and the first time I had a drum circle a couple of weeks ago we were graced with the presence of a silent swooping Owl as we returned to the car

Owl Guide

I don’t know how long it will take me to finish painting it but I will know when it is ready and i’m looking forward to getting to know this particular tool very well.

JadeM Aug 2016