Equinox. Poised in the moment of balance

The Autumn Equinox is always a strange and uneven ride through the ether, eventually landing at a place of balance and inner harmony through lots of shadow work and juggling. This year more than ever it seems there has been a lot of rectifying of inner attitudes towards certain things, becoming more open and receptive to new ideas and methods and certainly the opportunity for learning completely new Magic!

I have been writing a companion book for the Soulscapes Tarot for quite some time now. These things can’t be rushed and appear when they are ready. Sometimes little pieces for it fuse together little by little and at other times large amounts of the material that has been written begins to make perfect sense and the rest flows out naturally.  As part of the process of writing the material for the Soulscapes Companion I have been revisiting paths that opened for me when I painted the images initially, by creating and recording meditations or path workings that focus on specific imagery attributed to each of the Major Arcana Archetypes of the Tarot and it is shaping into a structure or skeleton on to which the flesh of experience is beginning to grow. In our Spiritual Development group we have travelled these paths together with some startling results. In tandem with this process I have begun training in Hypnotherapy in the hope that I can use some time honoured methods to create the remaining journeys so that when the full book is written and ready for publication there will be workable paths laid out for seekers who want to experience some of the mysteries of the Tarot for themselves in text and audio format.

Hermit from the Soulscapes Tarot

The experiences and revelations that have come with the recent study and journey into the world of the Hermit have shed so much light for me on a common misconception that definitely needs to be addressed. Many people feel a kindred spirit in the image of the Hermit yet misunderstand that it suggests that they should cut themselves off from Society and retreat permanently away from people, culture and everything that our world contains. It is quite the contrary, interaction gives us the chance to learn more. Inner space and retreat is only a temporary place to be visited in times when one needs to hear ones own counsel and guidance away from the distractions of the world, but the real work of the Hermit or wise one is to come back out of that place and bring their knowledge and wisdom to those who need it. Anyone who is a healer or reader or consultant of any kind will understand what I mean by this. If you have the urge to help others and guide when it is appropriate and you are given the opportunity can you really do that from a distanced vantage point with no real close connections around you?

Points to consider during the Equinox.

Are you living a life of your own choosing?

Are there things that you wish that you could change and if so what is stopping you from instigating those changes?

Are you spending equal amounts of your time and attention on work/rest/play and engaging with those around you who need your support?

This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a chance to let go of anything that is holding you back whether that is your own self limiting beliefs or simply clearing out the things in your life that you no longer need to make room for new things / experiences / friendships that are currently not able to be in your life due to unnecessary clutter!

JadeM 20/9/2016




Great Britain? The Secret Destiny of the British and their Isles

great-britain-richard-abbottRichard Abbots book on the Secret Destiny of the British Isles is one of those books that has you enthralled from the first page and the momentum carries you through effortlessly to the end, delivering so much information, prediction and numerological insight it made me wish I had read it well in advance of all the ‘Brexit” goings on.

The style of writing is genius and anyone with even a fleeting interest in Numerology will gain a fabulous understanding of how numerology works, with detailed explanations and historical references and detailed analysis of our Countries leaders and politicians, not to mention the numerological significance of the different names for Great Britain. I can highly recommend this book as a way of getting a fresh perspective of where we are as a Nation and what may be in store for us on the Political landscape.

When you get to the end of the book I would suggest going back to the beginning again and reading it a second time as there is so much information that may have been filtered out the first time around.

Some of the subjects covered are:

Why Britain is facing a Second Financial Crisis, and when it will strike?
How Princes Charles will become King, but how he stands no chance of being either popular or successful.
How the country is fracturing along multiple fault lines, and where that must ultimately take us.
How the very existence of the Conservative Party is now in question and how Northern Ireland will be the issue that decides the 2020 General Election.
Plus, why the EU Referendum resolves nothing.

The book was published in early 2016 and Richards foresight and research predicted well in advance the saga that touched everyones consciousness as we voted whether or not to leave the EU and as a Country gain independence. Don’t be put off by the large amounts of facts and figures though, I’m not a mathematical person by any stretch of the imagination but I was still captivated by the analysis and it definitely gave me a very different perspective on a subject that should be close to all of us as we all live together on this beautiful Isle. It is accessible and integral reading for anyone who has an interest in where we are and the path that we are currently treading in Britain.

If you think you are ready for knowing more and taking a deeper look into what is going on in Britain then this is the book for you.


JadeM 9/9.2016

Soulway Therapy Course

Soulway Therapy Course.
IMG_4944A system that involves using Colour Crystal Therapy and Energy Healing. You will be using a combination of them to heal yourself and then others. Working with auras and developing your sensory skills .
You will be working with sound and music and learning to go on shamanic journeys.
Any levels of development are welcome.
Set out in weekend modules that are accomplished separately but you will need the full set to complete the course.
It will be £30 a day and will start mid September 10-4
Please contact Helen Dickinson 07882385366 or email helen.dickinson77@gmail.com for more information on the dates or if you have any further questions.
Helen is a fully qualified Colour Therapist, Colour Therapist, Aromatherapy Massage Practioner, Sekhem Reiki Practioner and Hot Stone Massage Practitioner, trained to work with Shamanic Journeys to aid help and life blocks. A firm believer we can heal our selves.