Book Review of The Druid Code by Thomas Sheridan by JadeM

The Druid Code by Thomas Sheridan

druid codeNowadays I find that unfortunately I struggle for time to read as much as I used to. I was very fortunate to receive a review copy of this fabulous book. Sometimes it takes me months to read a book in between busy schedules and I read the The Druid Code in parts in the quiet spaces I create amid the chaos.

Having had a keen interest in Archeology for a couple of years now and more than a passing interest in all matters Mystical this is one of those books that has pulled together a lot of the things that I have been thinking about and researching myself over the years after visiting Sacred Sites, especially the “official” stories and explanations that are given for the functions and use of sites such as New Grange in Ireland.

I don’t think anybody can have the definitive answers but this text is an absolute gem that offers much needed clarity on megalithic sites and how we can approach understanding them from our cultural point of view. Understanding where we come from and connecting with our ancestors and the land is in itself a journey that everyone should take whether from a Spiritual point of view or simply to better understand our place in the world. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in humanity, culture, and especially those who are searching the past for clues as to how we arrived at some of the systems that are functioning in our society today. The Authors passion about the subject comes across in the writing style, it is a very engaging title and I sincerely hope that Thomas writes more in this genre and isn’t put off by some of the reactions to it. Change will create resistance in those who have built a concrete way of seeing especially if you are offering alternatives to accepted points of view!

JadeM November 2016

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The Druid Code sets out to examine the wider concept of magic and mythology being utilised as an early form of social psychoanalysis by the druids, and how magic theory developed from this. How this evolution of ritual magic, eventually made its way into Folklore, Witchcraft and Freemasonry. From the proto-shamanic world of the megalith builders, to lost civilisations of the Atlantic fringe, along with the continual changes and challenges to the human experience in the face of traumatic cultural upheaval, the druids, along with their legacy, have played a far more influential role than has been previously acknowledged. The Druid Code utilises mythology connected to sacred sites. Developing a bidirectional conduit back through time, to reveal what took place in 2500BC. A shift in human consciousness that was to make humans what we are today. From Atlantis to Alchemy, you will never see history in the same way ever again. Thomas Sheridan

Spirit Guide Portraits by JadeM

Spirit Guide PortraitsDuring the last Body Mind Spirit Fair that I attended in Kendal I was luck enough to get to draw a couple of Spirit Guide Portraits.

Each image is unique to the person that I draw them for and no two portraits have ever been the same because we are all so different. The first image was for a lovely young man who came with his girlfriend and even though I didn’t get a name or anything like that, it became apparent that there was a connection with Australia that he needed to look into.

I also did an image for a friend in the morning after she gave me a much needed blast of healing just at the start of the day. I saw a beautiful lady spinning and trailing what looked like long strips of shimmering material on her arms, a bit like a ballerina twirling in place. Unfortunately I will have to wait until she sends me a picture before I can post it as I forgot to photograph it before we packed up for the day.

Spirit Guide Portrait

This is the last Portrait that I did at the Manor in Kendal. Very intense connection and a lot of healing going on for that particular young lady.

These Portraits can either be done in the presence of the person or they can be done remotely from a Photograph.

If you would like a Spirit Guide Portrait done for yourself or someone else please use the link  here and then send me a photograph of the person who the Portrait is for!

I normally charge £50 for these but I’m offering them at a special reduced rate of £25 per portrait for the next little while so get your orders in quick!