Spirit Guide Portraits by JadeM

Spirit Guide PortraitsDuring the last Body Mind Spirit Fair that I attended in Kendal I was luck enough to get to draw a couple of Spirit Guide Portraits.

Each image is unique to the person that I draw them for and no two portraits have ever been the same because we are all so different. The first image was for a lovely young man who came with his girlfriend and even though I didn’t get a name or anything like that, it became apparent that there was a connection with Australia that he needed to look into.

I also did an image for a friend in the morning after she gave me a much needed blast of healing just at the start of the day. I saw a beautiful lady spinning and trailing what looked like long strips of shimmering material on her arms, a bit like a ballerina twirling in place. Unfortunately I will have to wait until she sends me a picture before I can post it as I forgot to photograph it before we packed up for the day.

Spirit Guide Portrait

This is the last Portrait that I did at the Manor in Kendal. Very intense connection and a lot of healing going on for that particular young lady.

These Portraits can either be done in the presence of the person or they can be done remotely from a Photograph.

If you would like a Spirit Guide Portrait done for yourself or someone else please use the link  here and then send me a photograph of the person who the Portrait is for!


I normally charge £50 for these but I’m offering them at a special reduced rate of £25 per portrait for the next little while so get your orders in quick!


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