Welcome to the Official Jade M website.


Welcome to the website. Hope you find something in these pages to inspire you to create and bring a little Magic into your own life.

In between being a mother to three wonderful children I write… paint, sing, create music and help others to find their latent talents and this is what you will find in these pages. My path has been an ever evolving learning path and during the journey I feel compelled to share parts of the vision it in the hope that I will inspire others to bring out their own talents.

Creativity is a way of life for me and my creations are like my other children that I release out into the world with love. There are terms that describe the path such as empathic, sensitive, healer etc and early on I found my way into studying and researching the Tarot, Qabalah, Astrology, Gematria and Ancient languages within the Western Mystery Tradition. In 2013 I published my Soulscapes Tarot cards with a little white book of instructions. The process of creation of this deck was an invaluable learning and development experience for me and I have used this deck when reading Tarot for others since then because it is my connection to inspiration, wisdom, and guidance from within that I can pass on to those who come to me for help. I am currently working on a Tarot workbook for those interested in getting to know the world of Tarot intimately, and will be publishing a set of 22 Guided Meditations for this purpose.

Music and Art are my lifelong passions.

Guitar was my main instrument for a long time until I became pregnant with the twins and couldn’t get near it! I discovered the piano and since then have written and recorded lots of new Music that will be released in the near future.

If you are interested in attending regular Spiritual Development classes, Meditation Circles and Tarot workshops details will be posted on here for upcoming events and classes. So don’t forget to bookmark the site!!

That said.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride!