Equinox. Poised in the moment of balance

The Autumn Equinox is always a strange and uneven ride through the ether, eventually landing at a place of balance and inner harmony through lots of shadow work and juggling. This year more than ever it seems there has been a lot of rectifying of inner attitudes towards certain things, becoming more open and receptive to new ideas and methods and certainly the opportunity for learning completely new Magic!

I have been writing a companion book for the Soulscapes Tarot for quite some time now. These things can’t be rushed and appear when they are ready. Sometimes little pieces for it fuse together little by little and at other times large amounts of the material that has been written begins to make perfect sense and the rest flows out naturally.  As part of the process of writing the material for the Soulscapes Companion I have been revisiting paths that opened for me when I painted the images initially, by creating and recording meditations or path workings that focus on specific imagery attributed to each of the Major Arcana Archetypes of the Tarot and it is shaping into a structure or skeleton on to which the flesh of experience is beginning to grow. In our Spiritual Development group we have travelled these paths together with some startling results. In tandem with this process I have begun training in Hypnotherapy in the hope that I can use some time honoured methods to create the remaining journeys so that when the full book is written and ready for publication there will be workable paths laid out for seekers who want to experience some of the mysteries of the Tarot for themselves in text and audio format.

Hermit from the Soulscapes Tarot

The experiences and revelations that have come with the recent study and journey into the world of the Hermit have shed so much light for me on a common misconception that definitely needs to be addressed. Many people feel a kindred spirit in the image of the Hermit yet misunderstand that it suggests that they should cut themselves off from Society and retreat permanently away from people, culture and everything that our world contains. It is quite the contrary, interaction gives us the chance to learn more. Inner space and retreat is only a temporary place to be visited in times when one needs to hear ones own counsel and guidance away from the distractions of the world, but the real work of the Hermit or wise one is to come back out of that place and bring their knowledge and wisdom to those who need it. Anyone who is a healer or reader or consultant of any kind will understand what I mean by this. If you have the urge to help others and guide when it is appropriate and you are given the opportunity can you really do that from a distanced vantage point with no real close connections around you?

Points to consider during the Equinox.

Are you living a life of your own choosing?

Are there things that you wish that you could change and if so what is stopping you from instigating those changes?

Are you spending equal amounts of your time and attention on work/rest/play and engaging with those around you who need your support?

This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a chance to let go of anything that is holding you back whether that is your own self limiting beliefs or simply clearing out the things in your life that you no longer need to make room for new things / experiences / friendships that are currently not able to be in your life due to unnecessary clutter!

JadeM 20/9/2016




Great Britain? The Secret Destiny of the British and their Isles

great-britain-richard-abbottRichard Abbots book on the Secret Destiny of the British Isles is one of those books that has you enthralled from the first page and the momentum carries you through effortlessly to the end, delivering so much information, prediction and numerological insight it made me wish I had read it well in advance of all the ‘Brexit” goings on.

The style of writing is genius and anyone with even a fleeting interest in Numerology will gain a fabulous understanding of how numerology works, with detailed explanations and historical references and detailed analysis of our Countries leaders and politicians, not to mention the numerological significance of the different names for Great Britain. I can highly recommend this book as a way of getting a fresh perspective of where we are as a Nation and what may be in store for us on the Political landscape.

When you get to the end of the book I would suggest going back to the beginning again and reading it a second time as there is so much information that may have been filtered out the first time around.

Some of the subjects covered are:

Why Britain is facing a Second Financial Crisis, and when it will strike?
How Princes Charles will become King, but how he stands no chance of being either popular or successful.
How the country is fracturing along multiple fault lines, and where that must ultimately take us.
How the very existence of the Conservative Party is now in question and how Northern Ireland will be the issue that decides the 2020 General Election.
Plus, why the EU Referendum resolves nothing.

The book was published in early 2016 and Richards foresight and research predicted well in advance the saga that touched everyones consciousness as we voted whether or not to leave the EU and as a Country gain independence. Don’t be put off by the large amounts of facts and figures though, I’m not a mathematical person by any stretch of the imagination but I was still captivated by the analysis and it definitely gave me a very different perspective on a subject that should be close to all of us as we all live together on this beautiful Isle. It is accessible and integral reading for anyone who has an interest in where we are and the path that we are currently treading in Britain.

If you think you are ready for knowing more and taking a deeper look into what is going on in Britain then this is the book for you.


JadeM 9/9.2016

Soulway Therapy Course

Soulway Therapy Course.
IMG_4944A system that involves using Colour Crystal Therapy and Energy Healing. You will be using a combination of them to heal yourself and then others. Working with auras and developing your sensory skills .
You will be working with sound and music and learning to go on shamanic journeys.
Any levels of development are welcome.
Set out in weekend modules that are accomplished separately but you will need the full set to complete the course.
It will be £30 a day and will start mid September 10-4
Please contact Helen Dickinson 07882385366 or email helen.dickinson77@gmail.com for more information on the dates or if you have any further questions.
Helen is a fully qualified Colour Therapist, Colour Therapist, Aromatherapy Massage Practioner, Sekhem Reiki Practioner and Hot Stone Massage Practitioner, trained to work with Shamanic Journeys to aid help and life blocks. A firm believer we can heal our selves.

Spirit of the Drum

deerShamanic Healing

This summer has had and an interesting turn of events as far as Spiritual Development is concerned. I’ve always been a close follower of the Western Mystery Tradition and never really deviated from the path very far. There has been something niggling at me for a while, ever since meeting with “Elen” in the woods in Northern France.

Elon of the Ways

Not too far from where I live the River Ellen makes its way to the Sea in various places and little by little there have been coincidences and happenings that have led me along a different path to where I have been for the last 41 years. Shamanism was always an interest to me when I was younger but I never had the time or the inclination to go down that particular rabbit hole. I dabbled a little in Animal Medicine Cards in my early twenties and I am an open advocate of Psilocybin as a medicinal and spiritual cure for Depression. Over the last six months I have had lots of dreams and meditations that have had a calling towards exploration of Shamanic Healing and one of the tools of the Shaman is a drum. Being a long time musician I am fond of playing the drums as and when time permits but I’ve never used it as a tool for healing either for myself or others. After having begun my studies in ernest I have now started to paint the drum that I intend to use in my work. Deer Medicine seems to be very strong in our family now and in ancestral generations so I started there with the images and animal totems that I would be working with.  After painting the baby Deer on to the drum I had curled up on the sofa and had the most amazing dream of hiding under a bush and watching two young fawns frolicking about in the woodland. They noticed me hiding and were not afraid, even came over to sniff at my hand when I stretched it out to them in greeting.

The next image I am painting at the moment is my wise old Owl which made itself known to me in many ways, one of which was a dream omen when someone told me that I had an Owl inside of me and the first time I had a drum circle a couple of weeks ago we were graced with the presence of a silent swooping Owl as we returned to the car

Owl Guide

I don’t know how long it will take me to finish painting it but I will know when it is ready and i’m looking forward to getting to know this particular tool very well.

JadeM Aug 2016

Ancient Pathways

Ancient Pathways.

Elon of the Ways

Forgotten ways or timeless portals waiting for each individual to discover them?

For a long time I have been interested in Standing Stones, Stone Circles and Earth energies. Up until recently the subject of dowsing was relatively unknown to me and it wasn’t until I was recently listening to a podcast by the British Society of Dowsers from a couple of years ago that I got a little bit excited about what this particular person was saying regarding picking up the signature of someone who is dead to this world. He was relating a story about being out in the wilds on the side of a hill seeking a particular ley but his mind kept wandering off to thinking about his late father. He reported that the dowsing rods behaved in a certain way that looked it to him like they were demonstrating a particular resonance or frequency that he attributed to that person. When he thought about someone who was still living the dowsing rods didn’t do anything at all.

This got my thinking about some of the experiments that we have tried in our Spiritual Development Circle over the years using dowsing rods to locate and follow around the room bodiless entities, or spirit guides while we were doing healing sessions. When we used dowsing rods and asked where the spirits were in the room they would waver at different speeds depending on who was holding the rods and who they were following. Often during meditations it is not uncommon for participants to see shapes and forms moving around the room. The question of whether these energies are ghosts, ancestors, spirit guides or people who are temporarily out of body remains.. By using dowsing rods it is possible to follow the energy pattern of these entities?

In our experiments we tried things like holding a single dowsing rod over the head of a person who is closed off from their spirituality or stressed out and then holding it over the head of that same person after they have received some form of spiritual healing. The rod spins like a helicopter placed at the top of the head after someone has had their crown chakra or energy centre opened with some form of healing or deep meditation. Sometimes we would use the rods to find the subtle layers of the aura too. Walking towards a person holding the dowsing rods they waver or sway gently in and out until you get to a certain point and they cross over which we took as being one of the layers of the aura that emanates from the chakra or energy centres. All these experiences have left me with no question that there are unseen influences that can and do effect our physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Frequencies and pulses and how they affect the body and the state of awareness.

What if each of us has an individual resonance, or pulse and as a result we are drawn to or repelled away from certain people because of the frequency at which they resonate. Similar to a magnet. Some people might call that being drawn to a particular soul group or gravitating naturally to those who emit certain colours or frequencies.

What if when we die our pineal gland releases a phenomenal surge of chemicals and the very essence of our life explodes into the universe and creates that individual pulse or frequency in this realm even though we are no longer attached to our physical bodies? Where does our consciousness go? Does it pop out of existence? These are some very big questions and can only be addressed by each person in their quest and search for their truth.

Perhaps the ancient track makers who plotted out their earthworks and sacred spaces using leys knew a lot more that we are ever likely to as we scratch the surface of a different way of thinking to our modern conceptions. When I started to write this article I had a very strange experience as I was drifting between waking and sleeping. It looked like there were a procession of people walking towards me. I live right next to the sea and it was as if this were some kind of ghostly procession that was making pilgrimage towards the rising sun in the east. I saw a figure of a stone knight in repose and heard a whisper from beyond about “Mummers”. When I went to investigate this further I was relieved to find that it was an old custom that is practiced all over the world in which participants re-enact battles between good and evil and a person dying who is miraculously brought back to life again!

Maybe one of the reasons for the construction of Processional Ways on which the bearing of bodies of the departed along ancient trackways was so that the souls of the newly deceased could make their way somewhere else, maybe to another dimension through gateways at certain power places or sacred sites. Walking along tracks where there are these energy lines or leys can make significant changes to the resonance or the magnetic field of each person that walks along it. Thinking back to what the guy on the podcast said about there being no movement when he thought about someone who was alive, but that it had moved when he thought about his late father definitely peaked my interest. How many cultures have a belief in some form of life after death and think about the atmosphere when you walk into a necropolis with thousands of buried bodies that once had animated life. Could physical bodies interred in the Earth mean that a part of their lives is then forever entwined with the soul of the planet, on a particular frequency that can be temporarily accessed by the living at those times when the veil between the worlds is so thin that we can hear them whispering to us in our dreams.

The pineal gland has long been investigated and especially in its association with the awakening of the third eye. In our culture certainly death has become a taboo subject and what happens in this particular part of the brain at the time of death could hold significant answers to where our consciousness goes at the time we depart from this world. Is there something significant here that we should be paying attention to? The Initiates and Gurus certainly believe so.

One thing is for sure we can never live in the past but we can certainly learn a lot from those who went before us and as we tread the paths of our ancestors ourselves, regularly retreating within to the sacred sanctuary we all have inside of us to learn, listen, grow and evolve, take time to visit ancient pathways for they hold much wisdom and knowledge that cannot be learned from books alone. Experience the magic that is all around us everyday for one day soon enough we will become one of those voices calling out from behind the veil.

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Health, Healing and Awareness Day in the Carnegie in Workington 2016

What a wonderful day we had at our first Health, Healing and Awareness day. It was a great turnout and we met some lovely people.

Incense Making Workshop

At 1pm I held an introductory relaxation induction and meditation group using the Fool path working, an excerpt from the Soulscapes Tarot companion that I am writing at the moment and we talked about the process of meditation and breathing techniques, how to use meditation to deal with stress and anxiety, and how to create your own sacred space at home and the importance use of music in meditation and guided imagery.

Fool from the Soulscapes Tarot

Gareth did a fantastic job of the incense making which ended up being the most popular happening of the event.

Incense Making Workshop

health healing and awareness day

Helen held a fabulous goddess workshop towards the end of the day.

Goddess Workshop

The focus of the event was “Changing your life with small steps, from the inside out.” 

There were Reiki healing sessions going on all day and Craniosacral therapy, Astrological birth charts and information about Colour Healing. All in all it was a great start to promoting an awareness of alternative therapies,Astrology, healing and the side of the Tarot that is often neglected which is its use as a Spiritual Development tool and not just as a method  of divination.

We will definitely be planning another for next year so watch this space!

“The Shield” by Wendy Stokes

This new podcast is one of the guided meditations that we have used in our Spiritual development circle which was kindly passed to us by Wendy Stokes who is the author of the meditation.

The purpose of this podcast is for you to travel within and to meet your “Shield” or “Guardian Angel” so that you can work safe in the knowledge that you are being protected from entities that may be harmful to your development. Your “Shield” acts as a kind of doorkeeper.

When I did this meditation myself the image below is a representation of what I saw.


If you do this meditation please make sure that you have at least half an hour undisturbed and give yourself time to sketch afterwards. Please comment below and let me know how you get on with the meditation and if you have any suggestions.

JadeM 22nd March 2016


Relaxation induction.

Before you can successfully meditate you need to be able to relax. One of the most simple things in the world you would imagine is knowing how to relax. The simple things are sometime the most difficult when we over complicate them.

Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves that much needed time to relax and unwind. We avoid ourselves at any cost and find other things to do to distract ourselves from turning the attention within. This is an effective guided meditation and is accompanied by singing bowls to help you concentrate and distract the mind chatter!

This meditation was written by Wendy Stokes and is an introductory meditation for those starting out with guided meditations. Please make sure you won’t be disturbed for the duration of this piece and enjoy.

If you enjoy this meditation please leave a comment or feedback below the post!

JadeM March 2016

What is Reiki?

reiki-logoUsui Reiki is a form of Reiki originating from Japan with links to Tibet. It was founded by one Dr Usui. So what is it?

Reiki basically is a non intrusive method of healing that directly affects the harmony of body’s energy centres. These energy centres are referred to as Chakras. Reiki also assists in re-alligning the body, mind and spirit, helping to ensure self-healing and is especially helpful for nervous and emotional problems.

I would highly recommend Reiki to everyone. It completely changed my life when I took my Reiki Attunements. It gave me the confidence to do all the things that I’d always thought about doing, but had never been brave enough to initiate. Nothing in life is ever concrete or certain, and if we accept the fact that we need change in our lives, and embrace the good with the bad, we will come to a better understanding of our place in life and the things that we can do to make changes.

Change comes from within and the practice of Reiki nurtures growth and action which is self directed. The attunement process is just the beginning of the journey and once you have been introduced to the higher frequencies and start to clear out your life, beginning with the bad habits and negative thinking your path becomes a lot clearer, revealing your purpose and your calling.

Reiki has its place professionally in a hospital setting as much as it has in the home with friends and family and it is a gateway, or a bridge that gives you a window into your future.

Reiki 1

Reiki 2

Reiki Master

Site Re-birth


During the Christmad period I lost everything that was on the original surgery for the soul site unfortunately but rather than mourn what is lost I have taken it as a blessing in disguise and a reason to wipe the slate clean, present myself with a blank canvas and begin my work with renewed vigour.

If you have just tuned in I am Jade. This is my 41st year on this interesting planet and after having survived numerous life catastrophes I was lucky enough to meet the most wonderful man I have ever met who has loved and supported me in everything that I do. So I begin this site with a dedication to him. David thank you for everything that you do you are my inspiration, my light in the darkness, my lover and my best friend and I could do any of this without you.

In between being a mother to three wonderful children I sometimes write… paint and create music. That is what you will find in these pages over the coming months. That said. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride!

JadeM 5th Jan 2016

Work in progress
Work in progress