Soulscapes Tarot Cards by Jade M

The Soulscapes Tarot is a complete system of Spiritual development that can be used as a focal point for path working and to read for yourself and others.

Esoteric Art

Jade’s Soulscapes reflects the [inner self] or Soul and experiences within the subtle realms. “Through Art you can come to an understanding of who you really are, express your deepest emotions and desires and become a catalyst or conduit, initiating experiences for others.” – Jade M

Each of the images of the Major Arcana have a path working which has been written with the intent of introducing you to the Tarot Archetypes so that you can experience and work with them yourself. All 22 Pathworkings are in the Soulscapes Companion which will be published later this year with Mandrake of Oxford.

If you want to study the images one at a time you will find them in the links underneath this post. To use the Soulscapes deck to read for others you will need to Pre-order a copy of the second edition from our webstore and the book will be available with Mandrake soon. Please email if you would like to be informed when the package is available to pre-order.

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