The Art of Healing – Extract from Israel Regardie


“Within every man and woman is a force which directs and controls the entire course of life.

Properly used, it can heal every affliction and ailment to which mankind is heir.  All forms of mental or spiritual healing, no matter under what name they travel, promise the same thing. Even psychoanalysis employs this power. For the critical insight and understanding which it brings to bear upon the psyche releases tensions of various kinds, and through this release the healing power latent within and natural to the human system operates more freely.

Each of these systems undertakes to teach its devotees technical
methods of thinking or contemplation or prayer such as will, according to the a priori terms of their own philosophies, renew their bodies and transform their whole environment. The crucial question, then, is how are we to become aware of this force? What are its nature and properties? What is the mechanism whereby we can use it?”

“Different systems have evolved widely differing processes by which the student might divine the presence of such a power.

Meditation, prayer, invocation, emotional exaltation, and demands made at random upon the universe or the Universal Mind, have been a few of such methods. In the last resort, if we ignore petty details of a trivial nature, all have this in common.

By turning the fiery penetrating power of the mind inwards upon itself, and exalting the emotional system to a certain pitch, we may become aware of previously unsuspected currents of force. Currents, moreover, almost electric in their interior sensation, healing and integrating in their effect.

It is the willed use of such a force that is capable of bringing health to body and mind. When directed it acts magnet−like. By this I mean that it attracts to whomsoever employs these methods just those necessities of life, material or spiritual, that he urgently requires or which are needed for his further evolution. Fundamentally, the underlying idea of the mental healing systems is this. In the ambient atmosphere surrounding us and pervading the structure of each minute body−cell is a spiritual force.

This force is omnipresent and infinite. It is present in the most infinitesimal object as it is in the most proportion−staggering nebula or island universe. It is this force which is life itself. Nothing in the vast expanse of space is dead. Everything pulsates with vibrant life. Even the ultra−microscopic particles of the atom are alive; in fact the electron is a crystallisation of its electric power.

This life force being infinite it follows that man must be saturated − permeated through and through with spiritual force.”

Israel Regardie (excerpts from The Art of True Healing).